Will Solicitors in Tunbridge Wells from Draft to Finalised


"Thank you for being so patient.” 

“A great big thank you for coming out and signing my Will. Thank you for being so patient.” 

How Berry and Lamberts helped:

This was a Will instruction from a client who had suspected she was seriously ill during the Covid pandemic and naturally wanted to create a Will should anything happen. I met with my client by video meeting, took instructions and prepared a draft Will for her consideration and approval. Throughout our instructions, I asked my client about her health and to inform me of any diagnosis to ensure that the Will would be finalised and executed before any major operation or treatment.

Understandably my client was going through a whirlwind of emotions and forgot to inform me of her operation. My client informed me of her operation the day before it was due to take place. I immediately made time to finalise the Will, visit my client at home and execute her Will on her doorstep the very same day to ensure she had peace of mind knowing the Will had been executed before her operation took place.

Will Solicitors in Tunbridge Wells from Draft to Finalised

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