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Changes in Law

Laws relating to Inheritance Tax change and evolve over time. However, understandably it is not something that attracts the attention of people in their day to day lives. This means that sometimes, Wills are left unadapted to reflect the most tax efficient way to pass assets to chosen beneficiaries.  

Change of wishes

Occasionally after someone dies, the beneficiaries nominated in the Will or those that are entitled to inherit under the rules of intestacy (where there is no Will) decide that they would like their share in the estate to pass to someone else. This maybe for personal tax purposes or simply a reflection of the deceased’s last wishes.

The good news is that the law allows for amendments to be made to the Will BUT it must be done within two years of the date of death. Our experienced team will identify whether a variation would be beneficial, advise you of your options and the consequences arising from each of them.

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