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"If what we have experienced is the 'Berry & Lamberts way' then good for you!"

"If what we have experienced is the 'Berry & Lamberts way' then good for you! As with any professional service, expertise is expected but its the way it is delivered that makes all the difference and we are delighted."

How Berry and Lamberts helped:

This was a fairly typical estate administration where the deceased was a former client of the firm and family members had been appointed under her Will as her executors.  Her estate comprised of a property, some investments and accounts. We assisted her executors to complete the necessary forms to apply for Probate and ensure that the estate made use of available nil rate bands, with the result that there was no inheritance tax to pay.

The executors could have claimed the transferable nil rate band, the residence nil rate band and the transferable residence nil rate band but the transferable nil rate band was sufficient to negate any Inheritance tax liability.

We explained the role of the executor, the steps in an administration and how the executors could mitigate their own personal liability when acting in that role  We worked closely with the executors, who chose to do many of the administrative tasks themselves, using us as and when they felt necessary, often in relation to taxation issues, so they did not incur unnecessary legal expenses for things they were able to deal with themselves.

We also assisted one of the beneficiaries of the estate to make use of a Deed of Variation to gift some of their inheritance in a way that ensures the gift will not impact the calculation of inheritance tax on their own death.

Property & Family Law Solicitors in Tunbridge Wells

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