April 27, 2023

Podcast: Probate and Administration (Part One)

Our 'Planning for your Future' podcast series discusses, in everyday language, how planning can help you navigate your way through the ups and downs of life and how getting your affairs in place now can assist your loved ones’ future responsibilities.

In this episode (part one), experienced Private Client Solicitor, Anthony Kalp, explains in detail the preliminary work involved before applying for the Grant of Representation. The second episode (part two) goes on to explain how to obtain the Grant and Administer the Estate.

When a person dies, their estate will need to be administered and distributed in accordance with a Will or the rules of Intestacy, if there was no valid Will. This means that their property will have to be collected or sold, debts will have to be paid and inheritance tax will have to be accounted for to HM Revenue & Customs. Depending on the size of the estate, and the types and individual value of the assets, a Grant of Representation may be required.

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Please click here for the second part of our Probate and Administration Podcast (part two).

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