Shareholder Agreements

  • Shareholder agreements are extremely useful tools for governing the relationship between the owners of a company and minimising the potential for disputes. Such agreements will usually detail the voting entitlement of shareholders, set out what decisions will require unanimity between the shareholders, confirm the dividend policy and provide a mechanism for the sale and valuation of shares when a shareholder wishes to leave the Company, either voluntarily or upon the occurrence of certain events such as insolvency or death of a shareholder.

    A shareholder agreement can also contain post-termination restrictions, confidentiality clauses and provide a procedure to follow if an offer for the purchase of the whole share capital of the company is received.

    A well thought out shareholder agreement at the commencement of a business relationship often avoids costly disputes at a later stage.

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    Our legal teams have a genuine passion for what they do. Their specialist knowledge is an absolute given and they pride themselves in working alongside clients to help them achieve the results they seek in their professional and personal lives.

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    Paul has been a qualified solicitor for 18 years and has spent the entirety of that time in the Commercial and Dispute Resolution department. Paul advises businesses in ownership disputes, contract disputes with suppliers and customers, employment disputes and preparing commercial contracts.

    Paul is also a specialist in Landlord and Tenant/Social Housing law and acts for Housing Associations, Private Landlords and Tenants. He deals with drafting tenancy agreements, possession actions, disrepair problems, issues involving anti-social behaviour and succession issues. Paul also deals with all types of property disputes including ownership disputes, boundary disputes, issues regarding rights of way and party walls. He has recently acted for a couple in a boundary dispute case which received coverage in the national press.

    Paul’s aim is to achieve the best result for the client for the least expense. If this outcome cannot be achieved through negotiation then Paul is able to fully prepare and assist clients in contested Court hearings.

    His recent cases include acting for a local business involved in a £14 million fraud and successfully negotiating a settlement, advising two company directors in a dispute with their co-directors upon the failing of a business and acting for a national transport manufacturer in a dispute with a customer.

  • Expertise

    • Property Disputes
    • Business Disputes
    • Contract Disputes
    • Landlord and Tenant
    • Housing Management
    • Employment Law
    • General Litigation

    What clients say

    “Paul is a first class professional with excellent communication skills which he brings to bear to explain complex legal terms to enable quality business decisions. He has a strong business acumen and is genuinely interested in helping clients find solutions.” “A local specialist in landlord and tenant law who has proved very useful for both landlords and tenants of mine who need advice in this respect.” “Paul is great to deal with because he quickly grasps the legal issues involved and gathers together all the relevant evidence. He then presents the case to the judge in a comprehensive straightforward and organised way. But what I really like about working with Paul is that he’s approachable, sensible and fun.” “I would just like to say a massive thank you for your help with the case. Now we have the Injunction in place, the residents are empowered and it seems that things have improved.” “I appreciate the hard work you had to put in for this case. I know you went above and beyond and I am grateful.” "Paul Reader is an excellent litigation solicitor who we felt gave us the confidence to win our case."


    Paul is a keen guitarist and skier. He enjoys spending time with his family, going to live music events and also plays basketball.

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    Anthony Herman (known as Tony) joined the firm in 1964. Many of his clients have been with him for over 40 years and he is often dealing with matters for the children and grandchildren of his original clients.

  • Expertise

    During his career Tony has worked in most areas of law and this gives him an in depth understanding of situations where more than one area of law is involved. Tony has an excellent reputation for his skills in analysing situations and finding the best solution for his clients. Before entering into law Tony trained as an economist and has a particular expertise in solving financial problems.

    • Legal work for businesses
    • Commercial property
    • Trusts


    Tony enjoys spending time with his wife, son, three daughters and six grandchildren. He also enjoys playing basketball and golf.